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Director Johnnie To returns to a familiar flavor with a new crime thriller film.
Johnnie To Returns to Crime Thriller with 'Three' Starring Zhao Wei, Louis Koo, Wallace Chung

Through the Sony China Writers Initiative, Chinese screenwriters will have the chance to stay in Los Angeles and learn more about the Hollywood brand of filmmaking.
Industry Leaders Discuss China's Effects in Hollywood Culture

China’s booming domestic box office is starting to create the same conditions that led to the success and allure Hollywood is known for today, Schamus said.
China Billed as the New Hollywood by Top Executive

The local box office has experienced a decline in its earnings for the month of July.
Chinese Box Office Enjoys High Revenues for Q1 Thanks to Holidaymakers

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Fan Bingbing is the lead actress in the acclaimed TV drama
Chinese TV Dramas and Movies Make Waves in Vietnam

One of the biggest breakthroughs for Stephen Chow is the success of
Chinese Films Like 'The Mermaid' Take Back the Crown from Foreign Titles

Chinese fans are particularly invested on whether 41-year-old DiCaprio, affectionately known as “Xiao Lizi” or Little Leo in China, will take home the coveted golden statue of the Academy Awards.
Chinese Fans Fully Support Leo DiCaprio's Oscar Bid

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