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Bike-sharing in China
Can Mobile Apps Make Cycling in China Cool Again?

The EIB wants to help China solve its worsening pollution problem.
European Investment Bank to Start Environment Projects in China

According to the government body that acts as China’s quality watchdog, over 40 percent of consumer goods available on e-commerce platforms last year were of subpar quality.
Along with China’s Thriving E-Commerce and Courier Industries Come the Persisting Problem of Packaging Wastes

A siamang gibbon is displayed during a press preview for a new taxidermy exhibition on Dec. 8, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
New Gibbon Species Discovered in China Named After Luke Skywalker

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Hong Kong shrouded in haze coming from mainland China.
Crackdown on Smog: More Than 700 Detained for Violations of Environmental Laws

Siberian cranes spend winter at the Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve.
China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Dries Up; Ecological Problems Get Worse

China's largest freshwater lake shrinks due to drought.
China’s Poyang Lake Under Serious Threat, Wildlife Gets Endangered

Bad air pollution in China.
China to Implement Environment Tax Law in 2018

People wearing masks dance on a street, as red alert was released on December 16, warning that heavy smog would shroud the country's northern regions over the following two days.
Falsification of Environment Data Now Treated as a Punishable Crime

Traffic congestion is one of the major causes of air and noise pollution in China.
Noise Pollution in China Reaching Dangerous Levels; a Quarter of Residents Suffer

China builds more wind farms but is unable to use them.
China Heavily Invests in Wind Energy But Spending More than Expected

Smoke billows from stacks as a Chinese woman wears as mask while walking in a neighborhood next to a coal fired power plant on Nov. 26, 2015 in Shanxi, China.
Greenpeace: Government Reforms Fail to Stop Coal-fueled Power Plants

A map showing projected water consumption levels by 2025. A new study revealed that China could potentially face a water shortage crisis by 2050 if such trends continue.
China Could Suffer Water Shortage by 2050, Study Reveals

A Chinese woman wears a mask as haze from smog caused by air pollution hangs over the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, on Nov. 15, 2015.
China to Create Special Court for Environmental Cases

China’s current barriers were placed for three reasons, according to Gao Xiang, spokesman of the administration.
Zhangjiang Restaurant in Hot Water for Charging Customers for Purified Air

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