Friday, 14th, 2018 | 12:23PM Updated

Hebei's air pollution level is reaching critical numbers.
Hebei to Address Pollution Problem by Building Green Necklace of Trees

The EIB wants to help China solve its worsening pollution problem.
European Investment Bank to Start Environment Projects in China

Hong Kong shrouded in haze coming from mainland China.
Crackdown on Smog: More Than 700 Detained for Violations of Environmental Laws

Siberian cranes spend winter at the Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve.
China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Dries Up; Ecological Problems Get Worse

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People wearing masks dance on a street, as red alert was released on December 16, warning that heavy smog would shroud the country's northern regions over the following two days.
Falsification of Environment Data Now Treated as a Punishable Crime

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