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'Jia Zhangke, A Guy From Fenyang' - Red Carpet - BFI London Film Festival
Shanxi Province Hosts Pingyao International Film Festival on Oct. 19-26

After 56 years in the industry, starring in more than 200 films and breaking so many bones, Jackie Chan has finally received an Oscar Award.
Jackie Chan: China Now Recognized by Global Movie Industry

Star Stephen Chow Celebrates 'Kung Fu Hustle' Breaking Box Office Record
Box Office Slowdown in China Surprises Hollywood

Observers note that the 10th edition of the film market further strengthens its role as the gateway to China, the world’s fastest-growing film market.
10th Busan Film Market Opens Doors to Chinese Film Industry

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Mtime is a Chinese go-to site for both film enthusiasts and executives.
Mtime: Hollywood’s Aid in Reaching More Audiences in China

The Chinese cinema market is becoming increasingly important to the world economy.
Stellar Media International Issues Securities as Part of Plan to Win Over Chinese Market

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