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Shanghai is home to more than 150
International Women’s Day in China: Chinese ‘Comfort Women’ History Compromised in Favor of Japan-China Relations

Japan and China are increasingly growing farther apart.
Japan’s Alleged Scandalous Anti-China Diplomatic Maneuver in the UK Shameful, Useless

Chinese tourists carry packages of Panasonic Corp.'s washlet along Tokyo's Ginza Shopping District on May 16, 2014.
Chinese Tourists to Enjoy Extended 10-year Multi-entry Japan Visa

“China’s stance on the Diaoyu Islands is consistent and clear,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei at a press briefing.
China Still Firm in Protecting East China Sea Territory

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Improving Sino-Japanese ties are attributed to be a result of high-level political dialogues between President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as well as other senior officials.
Sino-Japanese Ties Continue to Improve, Says Survey

The PLA is boosting its maritime capability by commissioning world-class missile destroyers.
China Conducts Maritime Drills Anew in East China Sea

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's speech to commemorate the end of WWII left much to be desired.
China Dissatisfied with Abe's WWII Speech

The naval exercises are part of China's power projection in the South China Sea region.
Chinese Naval Exercises Continue with Live Fire Drills

Patriotism has been a popular theme for TV dramas, though some producers use it to cover other genre such as sex and violence.
Historical Inaccuracies and Controversy Surround Anti-Japanese Dramas such as 'Yiqi Da Guizi'

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