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China' Chang'e 3 Lunar Probe
Future Tourist Destination: China, Europe to Build an International Village on the Moon

China is on track in its space exploration agenda, as the country is looking to push forward several missions to the moon and beyond by 2030.
China's Space Exploration Plans Discussed in Space Symposium

Visitors walk past a model of a Chinese lunar lander at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, China.
China Prepares to Build Lunar Samples Facility for Its Planned Chang'e 5 Return Mission

China's new manned spaceship is planned to have a higher capacity compared to other countries’ manned spaceships, as part of the Chinese space program’s goal to match other space powers.
Chinese Space Program Ramps Up Space Exploration Efforts Through New Manned Spaceship

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Panorama from the Chang'e 3 lunar exploration mission by the China National Space Administration incorporating a robotic lander and China's first lunar rover on the moon.
China Plans to Return Rock Samples from Moon by Year-End with Its New Complicated Rover

Although China is at least a decade late in the space race, its ambitions and capacity to act on its goals are growing.
China Setting Pace for Space Explorations

China's ambitious plan to explore Mars now comes with a shortlist of names and logos. Pictured here is the launching of the country's space laboratory module Tiangong-1.
China Unveils Name, Logo Shortlist for 2020 Mars Rover Project

The China National Space Administration unveiled the final design of its Mars probe on Tuesday.
China Unveils Mars Probe Design

Photo provided by National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences shows a high-resolution image of lunar surface on the moon. The image is shot by Chinese Chang'e 3, an unmanned lunar exploration probe, and Yutu rover.
Chang'e 3, Yutu Rover Shoot High-resolution Image of Lunar Surface

China plans to explore Mars by 2020.
China's Space Agency Plans to Explore the Moon and Land on Mars with Help from NASA

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