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A television report about North Korea's missile launch is broadcast at the Seoul Railway Station on April 1, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.
Beijing Remains a Friend to Pyongyang Despite KCNA Issue

China-U.S.-North Korea Diplomacy
China Calls for Mended US-North Korea Ties to Resolve Nuclear Crisis

Air China Flights
Air China Re-Opens Flights to North Korea After a Brief Suspension

Trump: Korea was
Trump Makes False Claim, Says Korea was a ‘Part of China’

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President Trump’s statement comes ahead of his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
US Urges Stronger Stance Against North Korea's Nuclear Program

North Korea Coal
North Korea Coal Imports Increased by 40 Percent in February

Air Koryo
New Charter Service from Pyongyang Launched Amid Tensions

North Korea Rocket Engine
North Korea Rocket Engine Test Is of 'Historic Significance,' Says Kim

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi
China: Ours Is the 'Only Feasible Plan' to Ease Tensions on Korean Peninsula

Recently, China has shown signs of assertiveness, having stopped its purchase of coal imports from North Korea as well as going after Chinese nationals involved in unlawful North Korean transactions.
Future of China-North Korea Ties: Nuclear Strength or Economic Subsistence for ‘Rogue Korea?’

Recently, China has imposed on North Korea a total  ban on coal imports, a major export product of the Hermit Kingdom.
The Carrot, the Stick, and How Both Affect China-North Korea Ties

File photo of the North Korean border
United Nations Tightens Sanctions on North Korea's Exports

File photo of the North Korean border
Increased China-North Korea Trade A Warning To South Korea And The US?

Scientists from the Korea Meteorological Administration point at the screen showing seismic waves near Seoul, South Korea, caused by a North Korean hydrogen bomb test on Jan. 6, 2016.
N. Korea to Launch Satellite as China Sends Envoy to Pyongyang

China serves as North Korea's biggest trading partner.
North Korea’s Ban on Chinese Products ‘Impossible’: Witnesses

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