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Chinese shoppers now make up a majority of online shoppers worldwide.
China Now Has More Online Shoppers Than Anywhere in the World; 36% of Population Shops Online

Reports said that Brexit will be both good and bad for China, but for online shopper's at least, the
Chinese Shoppers Scrambling to Buy UK Goods as Pound Goes Cheaper

Shopping online comes with the risk of goods getting lost while on the way.
Online Shopping In China Booms, Transactions Forecast To Hit $6.5 Trillion By 2020

Chinese women now have more decision-making capabilities in the household compared to a few decades back.
For High Quality and Cheap Prices, Chinese E-Shoppers Opt to Buy Baby Goods Overseas

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While in Japan, Chinese customers bought specialty goods such as luxury items, facial masks, household items, and even toilet seats.
New Regulation Allows Online Shoppers to Return Opened Items and Get Full Refund

Employees of Tmall, part of Alibaba, work online to serve customers.
Jack Ma’s Alibaba to Face Stricter E-Commerce Regulations at Home

Foxconn starts selling used Apple gadgets such as iPhones and iPads.
Taiwan’s Foxconn Wants to Be China’s Number 2 Online Store by 2018

The name Baidu was derived from the title of a poem written 800 years ago. It means
Baidu Could Steal the Spotlight from Jack Ma's Alibaba Thanks to the MSCI

A woman doing hand-on on a Lenovo laptop.
Lenovo Laptop Controversy Releases a High-Tech Pandora’s Box

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