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A law that guarantees a paid leave of up to 10 days annually for single-child adults who need to care for their hospitalized older parents was passed by Fujian Province on Jan. 22.
Paid Leave for Single-Child Adults Caring for Parents in Fujian Province Pushed

The Communist Party of China To Promote General Welfare Of Farmers
Older Chinese Women Heed Call to Have 2nd Babies

Olympics Opening Day
2-Child Policy Works as Proportion of Second Children among Newborns Rises to 44.7%

Don’t worry I've got your back: Two boys keep each other company at a furniture store in Beijing, on Jan. 19, 2015.
Can’t Relax with the Two-Child Policy? People Respond; Different Sectors React

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China is urging a baby boom to remedy the long-term effects of its aging population.
Scholar Predicts China’s Population would be Below 1 Billion by 2100

New data from the National Bureau of Statistics reveals that the population now sits at 1,373,490,000 people, after increasing by 0.5 percent annually since 2010.
China Population Growth Slows Down as Number of Elderly Increases

Workers prepare socks at a facility in Shanghai. China's manufacturing sector is being hit hard by the country's aging population.
China’s Workforce Crisis Forcing Global Brands to Pack Up

Nurses and parents massage newborn babies at Xining Children Hospital on May 17, 2006, in Xining of Qinghai Province, China.
Population Peak of 1.45 Billion Could Happen Earlier in 2023 Due to Low Fertility Rate

People Celebrate The Spring Festival In China
NHFPC Expects Spike in Birthrate in 2016 as Chinese Women Prefer to Give Birth in Year of Monkey

China's demography is undergoing an alarming shift, on account of an ageing population and sharp drops in its labor force.
China Facing a Shrinking Labor Force

Beijing is planning to limit its population at 23 million in 2020.
China Population: Beijing Will Limit Population to 23 Million in 2020

Beijing Greets The Birth Of The 1.3 Billionth Mainland Baby
Maternity Matron, Bigger Homes Demand Up With China’s Shift To 2-Child Policy In Place

A Chinese care worker holds children on her lap as she cares for them at a foster care center in Beijing, April 2, 2014.
China Lifts One-child Policy, Couples Now Allowed Two Children

With the new family planning policy, Chinese officials step up their efforts to teach couples the proper way to raise a child.
$3,700 Annual Cost Of Raising Another Child Reason Why Many Chinese Couples Won’t Have 2nd Kid

Although a specific date has yet to be set for the full relaxation of the rule, observers note that changes are likely to come soon.
End of One-child Policy May Reinvigorate Socioeconomic Development

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