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The H-2A Launch Vehicle No. 26 carrying Hayabusa 2, an asteroid probe of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), lifts off from the launch pad at the JAXA's Tanegashima Space Center.
China Planning to Conduct an Asteroid Exploration Mission by 2025

China is planning to launch more than 30 space missions in 2017.
China Launches First Commercial Rocket Mission

The Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.
Inside Look at 1 of 3 Facilities in the World that Launches People into Outer Space

Lettuce grows in the Tiangong-2 space lab.
Tiangong-2 Update: Taikonauts Grow Lettuce in Space Lab. Can They Eat It?

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An artist's rendition of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft hovering over Bennu the asteroid.
What can the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope in China do?

File photo of the lauch of the Tiangong-1 space laboratory. China is using its own sun simulator to study the effects of solar radiation on spacecraft like this and help design better ones.
China loses control of Tiangong-1; Space lab hurtling towards Earth as abandoned fireball?

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