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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hopes for
American Companies First to Suffer in China-US Trade War, Li Warns

President-elect Donald Trump holds meetings at Trump Tower
President-elect Donald Trump Relies on Terry Branstad's Friendship with China; President Xi Jinping to Bridge Differences

Mushroom-shaped cloud begins to form after the first H-Bomb explosion (US) at Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific.
Reports: Obama's Historic Hiroshima Visit May Be Tainted with the Wrong Message to China, Other Asian Countries

China test-fired its intercontinental ballistic missile.
China Test-fires Missile That Could Target All of US: Pentagon Official

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China and the United States lead the involved nations in signing the landmark climate deal.
Chinese Foreign Minister: Xi, Obama Meeting Eases South China Sea Tensions

President Xi Jinping attributes advanced relations with the United States to similar opinions as well as “timely communication” on current events like the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.
China, US Strengthen Action to Resolve Key Issues

China remains intact in its intent to protect maritime territory in the South China Sea.
China to US: Stop Naval Threat

Trade ministers of 12 nations from the Pacific Rim region meet at the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting to negotiate a deal.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Taint China-U.S. Ties, Damage International Markets: Duowei

The ACWF has been active in promoting women's empowerment.
ACWF VP Stresses Importance of Women’s Economic Empowerment

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Xi and Obama Once Spoke for 10 Hours, So September Should Be Easy

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