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Chinese Consumers
Key Reason Why China Wants Its Inflation Rate to Rise

China's Central Bank
China’s Central Bank Maneuvers Policy to Boost Support for Yuan

People's Bank of China
China to Impose Higher Interest Rates, Following US Lead

A magazine in Shanghai features Donald Trump in its cover story after his victory in the U.S. elections.
China's Central Bank Unclear About Trump’s Real Trade, Economic Policies

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The continuing decline in the value of the Chinese yuan has started to affect the larger public, including overseas travelers
Renminbi on Its Way to Becoming a Global Currency, Following U.S. Dollar’s Path

The London Stock Exchange, one of world’s premier listing venues for corporate bonds, now offers issuers of renminbi securities access to a broad base of international investors.
PBOC's Issuance of First Offshore Renminbi Bond to Bolster Liquidity in UK

Reforms in foreign exchange policies have helped narrow the gap between onshore and offshore prices of the renminbi.
PBOC Reforms Credited for Narrowing Gap in Renminbi's Onshore, Offshore Prices

China's central bank has recently trimmed down rates yet again.
China’s Central Bank Lowers Benchmark Deposits, Lending Rate to Ease Debt Burden, Curb Risks

China's central bank has started to implement financial reforms that included a new exchange rate system.
PBOC New Exchange Rate System Causes RMB Value to Nosedive

Herders transfer their goats to a warmer pasturing area after heavy snowfall hit Hami, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Sept. 12, 2014.
China's Regulators Issues Guideline to Provide Financial Support to Southern Xinjiang

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