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The Chinese people felt elated and overwhelmed with the success of the V-Day military parade.
‘The Most Beautiful Family’ Representative Overwhelmed at China’s Grandest Military Parade

A new law regarding drones in urban areas is currently being drafted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
CCTV Uses New Tech to Document Sept. 3 Military Parade

China has pulled off a momentous V-J Day parade on Sept. 3 at the iconic Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
With Awe and Admiration, Chinese Viewers Laud V-J Day Parade

Veterans' descendants were made to march in the Sept. 3 military parade in uniform.
Soldiers Prepare for V-Day Parade, Aim to Meet High Performance Standards

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President Xi Jinping invited Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the military parade in Beijing.
Japanese PM Invited to Participate in 70th Anniversary of WWII

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