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With its expansion to a
A Second Palace Museum to Rise and Accommodate More Exhibits

Visitors view artworks at the National Art Museum of China on Dec. 9, 2008, in Beijing, China.
China's Art Market Gets a Reality Check

A total of 111 items kept from lost loves were displayed including love letters, power banks, train tickets, film tickets and mobile phones.
Exhibition of Broken Relationships Debuts in East China

The Beijing Rose Museum, located in Daxing District, on June 3, 2016.
Beijing Rose Museum Boasts Diverse Array of Exhibits

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Some miniature sculptures of the famous Terracotta warriors get sold in a market in China along with other interesting souvenir items.
Museums Explore Other Profit-making Ventures, Get Government Support

One of Zheng Lu's older works was shown in Art Basel 2015.
Chinese Artist Launches New Multimedia Art Exhibit in Beijing

Terracotta warriors on display at the British Museum in London.
Sino-British Ties: A Decade of Cultural Collaborations

The Cining Palace is one of four areas of the Palace Museum recently opened to the public.
Palace Museum's Western Part Opens for the First Time in 90 Years

The museum Shanghai Memories is either moving or closing at the end of the month.
Private Museum in Shanghai on the Verge of Closure

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