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Liu Rongyu from the Institute of Respiratory Disease Studies brought a laptop and reference materials.
What's in the Luggage of NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members?

President Xi Jinping urges the members of the  Communist Party of China (CPC) to continue their unrelenting support and faith to the Party and the citizens.
President Xi Jinping Rallies CPC Members Under a Call for Loyalty

Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his support to France as the western nation is set to host the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.
Chinese Officials Formerly Under Xi Jinping Rise Through the Ranks

Chinese officials are required to take Constitutional Oath before taking office.
Chinese Officals, President, Premier Required to Take Constitutional Oath Before Taking Office

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“The Governance of China” has sold 5.36 million copies, with 400,000 copies sold overseas.
China’s Government Officials Hit for Preferring Wine Over Books

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