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Cloning is considered controversial in the world of science.
Chinese Scientists to Build Commercial Animal Cloning Center

Chinese scientists have created heavily muscled super-dogs using gene editing technology called CRISPER.
Chinese Scientists Create Muscular Super-Dogs Using CRISPER Gene Editing

Tu Youyou grew up in Ningbo but left for Beijing to study in a university in the 1950s.
Premier Li Congratulates Nobel Prize Winner

China needs a constellation of satellites for these deeper space explorations.
China's Scientists Warn of Increasing Dangers of Space Collissions Due to Orbiting Debris

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The photo shows a prototype of a smart fabric developed by scientists in the U.S. Center for Nanotechnology at NASA Ames Research Center.
New 'Smart Fibers' Developed by Chinese Scientists

The 2013 floods in Sichuan prompted Fan Jiwan to find the link between air pollution and extreme weather conditions.
Air Pollution a Cause of Extreme Weather Conditions, Says Chinese Scientist

The giant Chinese national flag was carried by participants during a national parade in 2009.
Huge Red Flags Unfurled at Tiananmen Grand Parade, Produced by China’s Space Technology

Officials from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center estimate that the heavy air pollution will cloud over the city until Thursday afternoon, when the cold front arrives.
Chinese Scientists Identify Soot Aggregates as the Most Harmful Among PM2.5

An artist's illustration of SJ-10, China’s Recoverable Satellite for microgravity and space life studies, which is set to be launched next year.
Recoverable Research Satellite Set to Be Launched by China in 2016

An artist illustrates the movement of the Weyl fermion, a massless particle isolated by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The particle is said to have effective use in electronics.
Chinese Scientists Isolate Weyl Fermions that Can Have Potential Use in Electronics

Researchers from Nankai University drive-test a car using brain signals channelled from a passenger to the car's processing system.
Mind-Controlled Car Developed by Chinese Scientists, Shown to the Public

The origin of gold has long puzzled scientists around the globe.
New Discovery by Scientists May Unlock Mystery of the Origin of Gold

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