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The Long March
Student Abuse: Jinggangshan University Forces Males to be Unpaid Extras in War Film

Chengdu University Dorm
Chengdu University Student Beheads Dorm Mate Whose Singing He Could not Stand

University counselors knowledgeable with the specific financial conditions of each student were on hand to help finalize the list of recipient students.
Foundation Uses Big Data to Provide Financial Support for University Students

Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson Tours TSA Security Operation At LAX
WeChat Message Indicates Immigration Intention, Leads to Deportation of Chinese Student Returning to U.S. from Lunar New Year Vacation

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China's Ministry of Education is calling for more patriotic education for Chinese students, including those studying overseas.
New Directive Calls for More ‘Patriotic Education’ of Chinese Students, Even Those Abroad

There are two people in a marriage, so both should undergo moral education.
Students Reject Chance to Sign Pledge to Refrain from Pre-marital Sex

China To Give Residency Rights To Migrant Families
Sentence On 3 Chinese Students In The US Leads To School Bullying Discussions In China

In 2014, 289,000 Chinese tourists visited Spain and the number is increasing as the European country expects 300,000 Chinese visitors this year.
Chinese Tourism Highlighted in Int'l Congress on Asian Tourism

New engineering innovations were showcased in the recently concluded Global Grand Challenge Summit.
Chinese Student Inventors Bag Top Prize in International Engineering Competition

The Ministry of Education estimates that the educational training services industry in China was worth around 960 billion yuan by 2012.
Sending Kids Overseas to Study the Latest Trend for Chinese Parents

Violence in Chinese campuses can be attributed to light punishment and mass media, an expert claims.
Expert: Campus Violence Can Be Rooted from Light Punishment, Influence of Mass Media

How many male highschool graduates will stand up against gender imbalance among primary and kindergarten staff?
Over 9 Million Chinese Students Take National College Entrance Exam

Reporters and members of the media are heavily relied upon by local authorities to lead crackdown against cheaters.
Tens of Thousands of Students, Parents Flock to Schools and Streets for Gaokao 2015

More Chinese students are opting to get their diplomas from schools abroad.
China Worries About Talented Intellectuals Educated Abroad Returning and Ruining Marxist Principles

More Chinese students are opting to get their diplomas from schools abroad.
Students Go Abroad to Avoid Gaokao

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