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Faces of Sichuan Province
New Kids’ Sex Education Primer Which Seeks to Correct Explanation How Babies are Made Creates Controversy

First Xian Sex Culture Festival Opens
Chinese Netizens Angry at Textbook which Says Premarital Sex for Women is Wrong

Harry Potter is one of the many fantasy characters that are featured in new Chinese textbooks.
Chinese Textbooks Feature Harry Potter, Other Fantasy Works

An estimated 50 million to 70 million people in China identify themselves as LGBT.
College Student Sues Ministry of Education, Appeals to Remove Textbooks that Classify Homosexuality as a Disease

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 Confucian Analects is a collection of moral and ethical principles written by Confucius. This is one of the four classics in the new textbook to promote traditional culture.
Working Group Develops New Set of Textbooks Promoting Traditional Culture

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