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President Xi Jinping sent out a central task force on Monday, April 18, to expand the program on four other provincial-level areas: Chongqing, Guangdong, Beijing and Xinjiang.
Expansion of Shanghai Pilot Program to Strengthen Anti-corruption Campaign

Will CBN's entrance into the game affect China Unicom and other big telco players?
China Telecom Chairman Under Investigation For Graft And Corruption Charges

President Xi Jinping leads China in pushing reforms and liberalization.
Duowei News: China’s Rise to Global Status Contributed Five ‘Universal Values’

President Xi Jinping earns recognition after his successful visit to the U.S.
Did Xi-Obama Meeting Resolve Key Issues Between the Two Countries?

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President Xi Jinping meets with Lien Chan, former chairman of Taiwan's Kuomintang Party, and other Taiwan officials, who are in Beijing to attend the celebrations on Sept. 3.
President Xi Urges Mainland People, Taiwan to Unite for Peace

Chinese TV host Bi Fujian made insulting comments about Mao Zedong in a video taken of him in a private dinner party.
Bi Fujian in Trouble with SAPPRFT After Insulting Mao Zedong in a Video

Many experts see the proposed Internet reforms as determination on the part of China to push for an alternative to the U.S.-led world order.
Revisionist China Seeks Internet Reform

A tourist had a picture taken at an old house where Chairman Mao formerly lived.
Tourists Flocked to Revolutionary Historical Sites in Shaanxi Following Xi Jinping Visit

Over the past three decades, Xi had visited the United States six times, from the cornfields of Iowa to the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands in California.
President Xi Jinping's Anti-Corruption Campaign Will Run Forever

Facebook is testing Facebook Lite that requires less data and will be beneficial for people with weaker Internet service.
China Tightens Internet Controls, Netizens Required to Sign Agreement Not to Malign Communist Political System

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