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China’s Internet Regulation to Ensure Security
China's Draft Cyber Law Requires Annual Security Assessment for Data-Exporting Firms

The U.S. warns that China's domain registration policy might break the Internet.
China Challenges International Cyberspace Norm Championed by the US: Report

Volunteers include government staff, students and white-collar workers.
China Sees Progress with Fighting Online Terrorism

China holds second World Internet Conference with President Xi Jinping as its speaker for the opening ceremony.
Xi Jinping Calls for Countries’ Broad Authority to Regulate Internet at Home

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President Xi called for the establishment of a foundation that will help the country hasten and deepen reforms for the first three years of the framework.
Xi Pushes for a 'Shared Community' in Cyberspace

U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Russia in 2013.
China, U.S. Agree Not to Support Cyberattacks; International Guidelines to Be Drafted

The upcoming visit is seen as a chance to further strengthen Sino-American ties, which have been under strain as of late.
China, U.S. Agree on Crucial Cybersecurity, Law Enforcement Issues

Many experts see the proposed Internet reforms as determination on the part of China to push for an alternative to the U.S.-led world order.
Revisionist China Seeks Internet Reform

According to media reports, 52 executives have left their positions in leading state-owned financial institutions.
China’s Draft Cybersecurity Law Stokes Fears of Increased Censorship, Irks Businesses

The Ministry of Public Security recently developed the new electronic ID being issued by the Chinese government.
China Starts Issuing Electronic ID cards to Protect Citizens from Online Leaks

The cyberspace is one of China's newest source of economic and social development. It is also a new domain of national security.
Nation Rushes Cyber Force Development to Work on 'Grave Security Threats'

For diplomat Wang Qun, it is high-time to establish an international code of conduct on cyberspace.
Experts: Recent Attack Reveals China’s Cyberspace ‘Vulnerability’

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