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China’s Internet Regulation to Ensure Security
China's Draft Cyber Law Requires Annual Security Assessment for Data-Exporting Firms

Adolescents play online games at an Internet bar in Huaibei, Anhui, China.
China's Internet Watchdog Drafts Law That Imposes Curfew on Online Gaming for Minors

Chinese paramilitary police officers patrol Tiananmen Square.
Two Internet Users Detained After Fabricating, Spreading Rumors of Terrorist Attack on Tiananmen Square

An investor walks past a screen showing stock market movements at a securities firm in Hangzhou.
China Internet Investment Fund Aims to Boost Entrepreneurship, Innovation

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Apple Photoshoot At Puerta del Sol
China Requires All App Stores to Register Amid Reports of Illegal Practices

Chinese gamers play online computer games at an Internet cafe in Shanghai.
China’s New Internet Child-safety Policies to Affect Operations of Tech Firms

China invites foreign tech companies to cybersecurity discussions.
China Opens Cybersecurity Discussion to Microsoft, Cisco, Other Firms

Tencent is one the media companies in China to come under fire recently from government watchdogs.
Tencent’s News Arm Disciplined Over 'Furious' Xi Headline Error

Online gambling is illegal in Chinese mainland.
Watchdog Launches Inquiry on Alleged Illegal Gambling Sites Promoted on Baidu

Screengrab from a controversial Chinese live streaming footage showing a woman eating a banana
China to Blacklist 'Naughty' Live-streaming Shows

The Chinese government has been implementing strict Internet policies to protect the country and its netizens against threats such as terrorism.
China's Top Internet Censor Tightens Grip on Online News Reports

China regulator releases new and stricter rules covering mobile app users, developers and app store operators.
China's Internet Regulator Will Soon Require Real-name Registration on Mobile Apps

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology called it a “cleanup” of China’s Internet connections.
China’s Internet Censor Asks GitHub to Remove Article Hinting Chinese President Killed Half-Brother

China issues new Internet rules on advertising after probe on search engine firm Baidu Inc.
China Orders 'Objective, Fair and Authoritative Results' in Internet Search Engine Rules After Baidu Probe

Apple is among the U.S. companies being scrutinized through quiet reviews in China.
China Discreetly Targets US Companies in Tech Reviews Amid Rocky US-China Ties

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