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It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to set up their children on blind dates with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.
Should Parents Meddle with Their Children’s Love Lives?

Your girlfriend can be just a click away.
Single Chinese Man Urges Parents Not to Rush Their Children into Marriage Just to Gain ‘Face’

For single people in China, there's more to marriage than simply finding the man or woman of their dreams.
Single Men, Women in China Reveal the Qualities of Their Ideal Future Spouse

Women wooing men is particularly taboo in the northern provinces of Heilongjiang, Hebei and Shandong.
Single Men from Northern China Still Prefer to Make the First Move: Survey

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A contestant is presented to the audience during the 37th Miss Bikini International Pageant Henan Division held in 2012.
Size Matters: How Bust Measurement Affects Men’s Dating Choices

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