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Men stand in front of a Uber sign as drivers protest the company's recent fare cuts and go on strike in front of the car service's New York offices.
Driverless Uber cars coming to Pittsburgh’s roads soon

Baidu's self-driving car prototype. The Chinese Internet giant plans to test the vehicle on U.S. roads later this year.
Baidu Goes Head to Head with Google and Uber, Tests Driverless Cars on US Roads

 Google is yet to release one of its most futuristic products to the masses - self driving cars.
Google still perfecting driverless car before mass production; Promises to make sure it would be safer than humans

China comes to the era ushering driverless cars, with Baidu entering the crowded arena wherein Google Inc. is already a player.
Baidu to develop autonomous cars; Eager to dominate and race with Google, Tesla, Ford and GM!

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Google's Self-Driving Car
Google And Ford Join Forces To Build Self-Driving Car

Robot Taxi car
Robot Taxi To Test Self-Driving Cars Before 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Report

Apple is planning to release its own developed car by 2019.
Apple Electric Car Project Titan To Be Released In 2019

Google Lexus SUV self-driving car
Google Driverless Car Rear-Ended In California, Records First Injury Accident

Google Glass
Google Glass 2.0 Expected To Sport User-Friendly Design, Affordable Pricing

Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Human Drivers Could Be Banned, Self-Driving Cars Would Be Taken For Granted

Google's Robo Car
Robo Vehicles Will Have A Good And Bad Impact To The Masses When Introduced And Commonly Used In The Future, Analysts Says

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