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According to iResearch China, Amazon only holds less than 1 percent in China's lucrative e-commerce market.
Amazon in China: West's E-commerce Giant Still Gets Dominated in the East

ZTO Express chairman Lai Meisong rides to personally deliver goods during the 2016 Global Smart Logistic Summit in June 2016 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
ZTO Express Set for Largest US IPO After Alibaba

Wider World Wide Web: As China works on improving its Internet technology and invites foreign Internet companies to invest in the country, perhaps the locals can soon access more international sites?
Virtually Yours: Government Pursues Improving Internet Technology, Fortifying Cyberspace Security

Since it joined the Nov. 11 shopping sale in 2014, AliExpress has processed over 6.8 million paid orders. Complains About Alibaba’s Singles' Day Strategy

This page will have NATIVE ADS experienced an increase in online orders for masks, air purifiers, sportswear and condoms.
Alibaba's Taobao on the Brink of Being Relisted on U.S. 'Notorious Markets'

Snapdeal has received immense backing from Alibaba and Foxconn.
Alibaba, Foxconn Continues Plan to Expand in India, Invest in Snapdeal

Details of the deal involving Alibaba, Hunan TV and DMG have already been released.
Alibaba Challenged in Conquering U.S. E-Commerce Market

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