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ISS astronauts on an EVA.
Astronauts’ Friday the 13th Spacewalk Installs New Li-Ion Batteries on ISS

MRO image of Schiaparelli's grave.
Schiaparelli Lander has Exploded on Mars but ESA Hails it as a Success

Rosetta's lander Philae is shown in OSIRIS' narrow-angle camera images taken on Sept. 2 from a distance of 2.7 km. The image scale is about 5 cm/pixel.
Three Weeks Before its ‘Death,’ Rosetta Discovers its Lost Philae Lander

Ye Guanfe (3rd from left) is among six potential astronauts chosen to undergo training in Sardinia under the European Space Agency (ESA).
Chinese Astronaut Re-emerges from ESA Cave Training Mission

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Chinese scientists working on gravitational waves.
China Proposing Gravitational Wave Detection Plan for ESA Project

Bizarre Unidentified Object dubbed 'WTF' is on collision course with Earth
Bizarre Unidentified Object Dubbed ‘WTF’ to Hit Earth Next Month

An artist's illustration of SJ-10, China’s Recoverable Satellite for microgravity and space life studies, which is set to be launched next year.
Recoverable Research Satellite Set to Be Launched by China in 2016

Rosetta’s Lost Philae Lander Found: Report

Lunarville, ESA's Planned Moon Village To Replace ISS
European Space Agency's Lunarville, Village On Moon, To Replace International Space Station

ESA Space Fishing: Thin Nets Will Be Used To Clean Up Space Using Falcon 20 By 2021

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