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Expats in China
Green Card Reforms in China Made to Attract More Expats, Experts

During the Chinese New Year, expats in China are left with two options: either to embrace the cultural peculiarities shared among mainlanders, or maintain a mindset of impermanence.
Expats in China: Lonely During Chinese New Year?

Foreign graduates with a Master’s Degree, even without work experience, are already eligible to apply for a working visa in China.
Good News for Foreign Master's Degree Holders: No Need for Experience to Work in China

People mill around the comprehensive service center at Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
Shanghai to Ease Rules for Employment Application of Skilled Expats

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A casino employee shows a tray of chocolates in a casino resort in Macau.
Foreigners in China to Be Classified Under New Nationwide Work Permit System

Many Chinese and expats in China have been victims of phone and online scams.
Expats in China Advised to Take Precautions on Bank Fraud and Con Artists

Foreign residents in China increase every year.
Beijing Speeds Up Long-term Residency Procedures for Foreigners

As China develops, more emerging industries will be demanding for more skilled workers from overseas.
Expat Online Database to Keep Track of Supply, Demand

According to stats procured by, parents had to pay over 200,000 yuan ($30,900) for the annual tuition of a junior or a senior at the WAB for the academic year of 2014.
International School Education Too Expensive for Expat Families in Beijing

Shanghai is often seen as one of the more cosmopolitan cities in China, with the strongest influence from the West.
Shanghai: The Most Expensive City in Asia for Expats

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