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Strange Rock Structure in China
Is Stunning Rock Structure in Hubei UFO?

China's First Astronaut Yang Liwei Promotes TV Series 'Shen Zhou'
Did an Alien Knocked on Chinese Astronaut’s Space Capsule?

Japan Green Fireball
Japanese Broadcaster NHK Captures Mysterious Green Fireball in Sky Speculated to be UFO

UFO in Austria
Austrians Claim Seeing UFOs in Vienna

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UFO Facebook Post in Wexford Turns out to be Art Project

A witness claims recently to have come across a truck carrying what seems to be a flying saucer near the vicinity of Area 51.
Area 51 still piques the interest of conspiracy theorists - Is it where extraterrestrials could be found?; Area 51 facility developing time travel, teleportation technology?

Mummy Exhibition Opens At The Art Science Museum
Sci-Fi Tv Docu Claims Russians Found Remains Of Alien Astronaut In 1961

Mars Alien Underground Structures
Alien Investigator Accuses NASA Of Hiding Photos Of Underground Bases In Mars

Cambodia's Demining Authority Train Giant Rats To Detect Landmines
Amateur Astronomer Thinks Curiosity Rover Captured Image Of Giant Rat In Mars

Photo from ISS by Scott Kelly
NASA Confirms Photo By Astronaut Scott Kelly Of Space Light Is Not UFO

Soyuz TMA-16M Spacecraft Launch Preparations
Did Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweeted Photo Of UFO From ISS?

Australia v New Zealand - 1st Test: Day 3
South Africans Fear Alien Invasion After Seeing ‘UFO’ Clouds

Houston UFO
California ‘UFO’ Sighting Was Just Government Missile Tests

Houston UFO
Father-Son Team Captures Footage Of Alleged Butterfly-Shaped Alien Ship

UFO Over Ulan-Ude
Russian Woman Claims Seeing UFO Hovering At Ulan-Ude Skies

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