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The World's Most Realistic Love Dolls
Sex Doll Market, Valued at 100 Billion Yuan, Booms in China

Some grooms in rural China are reportedly affected by the rising cost of Caili, or betrothal gift, which they feel adds to the burden of finding a wife.
Grooms in China Find Caili a Huge Burden

With the new family planning policy, Chinese officials step up their efforts to teach couples the proper way to raise a child.
$3,700 Annual Cost Of Raising Another Child Reason Why Many Chinese Couples Won’t Have 2nd Kid

China's gender imbalance has resulted in bachelor surplus.
Chinese Economist Suggests Polyandry, Prostitution, Gay Marriage to Solve Gender Imbalance

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China's one-child policy has resulted in a fast-aging population.
China's Aging Population to Result in Labor Shortage

There is a cultural preference for male children, so some women have been checking for the gender of their baby to see if they should abort.
Crisis: Rise in China's Bachelors After 2020

Chinese individuals who lack ID card and household registration were forbidden to have children under the previous one-child policy.
1.45 Million Chinese Couples Applied for Second Child, NHFPC Reports

China imposes stricter regulations on abortions as the country faces a gender imbalance crisis.
Ban on Selective Abortions Widens to Curb China’s Gender Imbalance

A composite image shows 36 people, one person born each year that China's one-child policy has been in place, made from a series of portraits shot in Shanghai.
China Weighs Changes to Its One-Child Policy

China's gender gap among newborns continues to widen.
Gender Gap Widens in Shanghai as Many Prefer Baby Boys Over Girls

Experts insist that China's previous
Gender Imbalance Troubles Shandong Province

A chart from 2011 shows the lingering gender imbalance in China.
National Statistics: Gender, Age Imbalance Lingering in China

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