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Genetic engineering
Former Employee of State-run GMO Lab in China Forced to Falsify Reports

Bayer's North American headquarters in New Jersey.
Bayer Acquires Monsanto in $66 Billion Deal to Create Agrochemical Giant

A farmer walks past a pile of corn at a state grain reserves depot on Dec. 19, 2008, in Yushu in Jilin Province, China.
China’s Agri Ministry to Push for GM Food Safety Law

A Chinese farmer works at a hybrid rice field on June 20, 2006, in Changsha City, Hunan Province of China.
Chinese Scientists Push for Wider GMO Use Amid Protests

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Chinese chemical company ChemChina allayed fears that its recent purchase of Syngenta will cause the introduction of hybrid corn and other genetically modified crops.
ChemChina Says Syngenta Deal Will Have 'Positive Impact' Amid GMO Concerns

Sectors like mining, agriculture, and equipment repair will be, however, out of the index’s reach as “good” data from these industries can be difficult to get.
China Vows Strict Monitoring of Cultivation of Genetically Modified Crops Amid Safety Worries

The Chinese government has only approved the growth of GM papaya and cotton in the country, while GM soybeans, beets, rapeseed and corn are imported overseas.
GMOs Still a Divisive Topic Among Chinese

In China, only GM cotton and papaya are allowed to be commercially cultivated.
Officials in Northeast China Vow to Crack Down on GM Grains

Farmers have been planting GM soybeans for better yield despite the crop's illegal status.
Illegal GM Soybeans Being Grown in Heilongjiang Province

SXSW Festival Tackles Issues On Flying Cars, GMO And Gender Equality

A sign supporting non-GMO products in the U.S.
China Lifts Ban on GM Corn, Sygenta Still Faced with Lawsuits

A sign supporting non-GMO products in the U.S.
GMO Crops Will Be a Strong Resource for a Nation with 22 Percent of the World's Population

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