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Google Photos Logo
Google Photos celebrates first birthday, to add unlimited free storage for Nexus devices

UW's Flexible Circuit
World’s fastest flexible circuits to power 5G IoT, wearable tech

The new Nexus 6P phone is displayed during a Google media event on Sept. 29, 2015 in San Francisco, California.
Google Nexus 2016 Flagship Phone Not Made by HTC as Company Aims to Boost HTC 10 Sales?

The logo of the multi-facetted internet giant Google is seen projected onto the palm of a hand.
Google Photos now chooses best photos for album automatically

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Google Photos' Shared Albums allows sending the link to anyone they like, and will be able to access it using the Photos app on Android or iOS, or on the website.
Google Photos Receives Simplified Shared Albums Feature

Google is offering up to 1TB of free Google Drive storage space for Local Guides contributors.
Fly Labs Moves to Google Photos; Acquisition Marks Photos’ 100 Million Users Milestone

Google is offering up to 1TB of free Google Drive storage space for Local Guides contributors.
Google Acquires Fly Labs To Improve Google Photos

Google's launched a new facial recognition technology for Photos for Android.
Google Launched Facial Recognition Technology On Photos For Android

British Couple
Google Photos Update: New Android App Feature Hides Pictures Of Exes, Enemies

Google Photos App released updates with new features: Chromecast Support, WhatsAp GIF sharing, Labels
Google Photos Releases Update: New Features Include Chromecast Support, GIF Sharing to WhatsApp, Labels for Android, iOS and Web

Facebook Moments
Facebook’s Moments Now Automatically Converts Shared Photos Into Music Videos

Google's auto-correction tech
Google's New Auto-Correction Tech Takes Out Reflections From Images

Google+ logo
Google Launches First Wholesale Change For Google+, Splits With YouTube

Google Photos app logo
Google Photos Keeps Uploading Images After Android App Is Uninstalled

Apple and Android logos
Photo App Wars; Google Photos Vs Apple iCloud

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