Friday, 16th, 2018 | 6:12AM Updated

Waze Logo
Google challenges Uber, Lyft by expanding Bay Area’s ride-sharing service

Google's Human Flypaper Patent
Google’s patent glues pedestrians to self-driving cars like human flypaper

 Google is yet to release one of its most futuristic products to the masses - self driving cars.
Google still perfecting driverless car before mass production; Promises to make sure it would be safer than humans

Newly released images show the damage suffered after Google's self-driving car collided with a bus.
Watch Google’s self-driving car crash into a bus

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Google Self-Driving Car
Google, Ford To Join Forces For Manufacturing Self-Driving Cars: Report

Google Self-Driving Car
Google’s Self-Driving Car Company To Take On Uber With Robotic Taxis: Report

Google has successfully secured a patent for the company's self-driving cars.
Google Patent Will Allow Self-Driving Cars to Communicate Better; Will a Robotic Hand Be Included?

Goolge Car Gets Pulled Over
Google Autonomous Car Gets Pulled Over In California For Driving Too Slow

Google has successfully secured a patent for the company's self-driving cars.
Google Tests Self-Driving Cars' Safety Software Using Its Kids' Halloween Costumes

Google Search for
Alphabet Now Umbrella Company Of Google Search, Android, And Nest

Uber is looking to be the leader in adapting self-driving cars into its service.
Self-Driving Cars May Become A Thing As Google Gets CEO For Business And Uber Speculates Future Transitions

Google self-driving car
Google’s Driverless Car Tricked By Cyclist’s Motion On Stationary Bike

Google Car
Google Report 13 Accidents Involving Self-Driving Car

Google 'bubble' self-driving car
Google To Road Test ‘Bubble’ Fully Self-Driving Cars in California

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