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Virtual reality platform of Google plays Unreal games

Google and GoPro's Odyssey has 16 GoPro cameras and can take shots in 360 degrees.
Best VR camera on rise; VR/AR industry could hit $150 billion by 2020?

Google's new Allo messaging app shows intelligent suggestions through AI
Google unveils AI Google Assistant, Allo messaging app and Google Home for IoT products

Google's patent for the pedestrian flypaper can be seen in the image
Google patents pedestrian flypaper for self-driving car to prevent more harm after road collision

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Sundar Pichai, Google's senior vice president in charge of Android and Chrome, speaks during a special event at Dogpatch Studios.
Google Assistant is the next generation expansion of search tools; Allows users to “speak” with the technology

Employees of Google work at a 'tech stop' at the internet company's new office space inside historic Chelsea Market June 23, 2008 in New York City.
High resolution camera by Google to preserve 1,000 works of art

During the Google I/O on March 18, 2016, Google is expected to reveal its plan to access the Google Play Store from the chromebook.
[UPDATE] Google I/O happening on May 18; Top 4 things Google is set to unveil

Virtual reality is expected to be one of the technology trends in 2016.
Google VR news, update: Google to unveil their own VR device and platform during this week's I/O event; To be called Android VR?

Android Developers site showing restructured menu
Android Developers Site gets refurnished for 2016 Google I/O

Evernote work area displaying how Google Drive integration works.
Google Drive now integrated in Evernote for app cloud storage

The Adobe Flash Player has another flaw
Google Chrome to block out Adobe Flash Player on every website by the end of the year

A Nest Labs Inc. thermostat is displayed during an event in San Francisco, California, U.S
Nest Labs' open- sourcing of OpenThread could be a try to win back Google Chirp?

Amazon Echo is made for familiy life.
Google Chirp to Rival Amazon Echo, Nest Labs was denied participation

Google Translate's tape button in a messaging app
Google Translate now functions across all Android apps

Employees of Google work at a 'tech stop' at the internet company's new office space
Google rolls out artificial intelligence tools SyntaxNet, Parsey McParseface to developers for free

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