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China's Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest dam.
Dams are a Big Source of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The rising global temperature due to El Niño has resulted in drought in many affected areas around the world.
2015 the Hottest Year on Record; WMO Warns of Even Hotter 2016

A promotional poster for Grim Fandango Remastered.A recently published report from the World Meteorological Organization reveal that greenhouse gas level in the Earth’s atmosphere has again reached record high in 2014.
Greenhouse Gases Hits Record High For 30 Consecutive Years

China is home to almost 15 percent of the glaciers in the world.
Experts Alarmed as Glaciers Shrink

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Two surgeons performing a heart operation.
New Dangerous Greenhouse Gases Found From Hospital Operation Theatres

Barack Obama
Obama Administration Lays Out Ten-Year Plan Regarding Greenhouse Gases And Cites Climate Change Risks

China is Getting Hotter
China is Getting Hotter, Faster than The Rest of the World, Says Meteorological Administration

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