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A young cancer patient. A new research by Chinese scientists could potentially provide a cure for such and other diseases.
Chinese Scientists Uncover Potential Cure for Cancer, HIV, Hepa B

pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
World AIDS Day 2015 Begins CDC's Call For Daily HIV Prevention For Those At High Risk

HIV virus infection can be stopped with a daily pill, according to the CDC.
HIV To AIDS Progression Caused By Immune Cells’ Mass Suicide: Study

The area along the Mekong River has experienced numerous cross-border crimes in recent years.
HIV Positive Teen Has Record 12-Year Virus Remission Without Drugs, Not Cured: Study

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Chinese scientists discover a reprogrammed HIV from the blood of a long-distance truck driver from Myanmar.
New HIV Studies With Lab-Made Molecules Could Create Super Vaccine

HIV attacks healthy immune cells, preventing them from being able to function properly.
HIV Cure Update: Chemical Compound Starves Virus Cells To Death By Blocking Nutrients

AIDS cells
HIV Cure Update: Researchers Use ‘Can Opener’ Molecule To Trick ‘Bodyguard’ Proteins, Kill Infected Cells

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