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Female employees get in shape using exercise gear during a workout class.
Does diet Soda increase obesity risk? You will be surprised

China's sports market is expected to grow at over 5 trillion yuan in 2025.
How to lose weight: 5 ways to burn fat without exercise or dieting

Zumba Exercise Class
Key To Weight Loss Is Emotional State, Not Diet Or Exercise: Survey

Woman Making Green Tea
Teen Gets Hepatitis After Drinking Online Green Tea For Weight Loss

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High-Fiber, Low-Sugar Fruits And Vegetables Best For Weight Loss: Study

hand grabbing an orange
Vitamin C Improves Blood Flow As Much As Cardio Exercise: Study

obese woman exercising
Doctors’ Assistance Key To Successful Loss Of Weight, Fat: Study

Paleo diet herb-roasted chicken
Paleo Diet’s Low Carbohydrates Not True To Human Evolution: Study

big burger
Low-Fat Meals Burn More Flab Than Cutting Back On Carbohydrates: Study

woman standing
Standing More At Work Reduces Sugar, Fat Blood Levels: Study

Mayra Rosales
The ‘Half Ton Killer:’ Find Out How 1000-Pound Mayra Rosales Loss 800 Pounds

Eric Hites
560-Pound 'Fat Guy' Bikes Across Continental U.S. To Lose Weight, Rescue Marriage

obese person exercising
Morbidly Obese People Nearly Never Hit Normal Body Weight: Study

Have you tried kimchi jjigae? Adventurous eaters are healthier and weigh less too.
Study: Adventurous Eaters are Healthier and Weigh Less

obese person
More Americans Are Obese Than Overweight For First Time Ever: Study

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