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Chinese researchers have uncovered microfossils, which they believe to be man's ancestor.
Sea Creature Fossils Found in China Believed to Be Man's Ancestor

This is Graham, a human sculpture who has evolved from being able to survive car crashes.
Meet Graham: Humans look like this if they can survive car crashes

Golan Heights border
World's First Farmers Originated from Different Groups in the Middle East

Various categories of human action upon the Neandertal bones of Goyet: Femur I (left) shows pits and a notch caused by striking, and femur II shows scratches indicative of butchering. Femur III has marks on it consistent with its having been used to knapp
Study: Neanderthals Practiced Cannibalism

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tor Peter Jackson emerges from from a Hobbit house before delivering a speech at the 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' World Premiere at Embassy Theatre on November 28, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand.
Island life once created 'Hobbits,' dwarf human relatives with tiny brains, long arms

Human fists are evolved to fight and punch.
Study: Human Fists Evolved to Punch and Fight

H. naledi had a powerful grip and exhibited the ability for precise manual manipulation for using tools.
Human Ancestors Were Good Tree-Climbers, Newly Discovered Fossils Suggest

The cranial lateral of the Homo naledi found near the Cradle of Humankind near Johannesburg.
Meet Homo Naledi: New Species of Human Discovered in South Africa

All chimpanzees including those living in captivity will now be protected under the Endangered Species Act.
Shoulders Reveal Missing Link Ancestor Between Humans and Apes

Paleo diet herb-roasted chicken
Paleo Diet’s Low Carbohydrates Not True To Human Evolution: Study

 Edvard Munch's
People Process Screams Based On Human Evolution, Brain Structure: Study

This mandible was found in Oase Cave, Romania dating back to 40,000 years.
Modern Humans and Neanderthals Interbred 40,000 Years Ago in Europe

Dr. Ran Barkai and Professor Avi Gopher
Unearthing of Prehistoric Stone Tools by Archaelogists: A Major Breakthrough in Human Evolution

2.8 Million-Year-Old Fossil Uncovered In Ethiopia; Specimen Believed To Be Ancestor Of The Modern Man

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