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Massage Parlors
Money Gram Transfer Possible Key to Minnesota-China Prostitution Ring

South China and Hong Kong police bust major human trafficking ring.
Hong Kong and Guangdong Police Bust Major Human Smuggling Syndicate in South Asia

Police arrest a man suspected of smuggling immigrants to Germany in this Sept. 3, 2015 photo.
Guangdong Police Bust Massive Human Smuggling Ring

Authorities have called for an improvement in the legal system and in social security to safeguard the rights and interests of the mentally disabled women and their family members.
Police Bust Women Trafficking Ring in Jiangxi

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Human trafficking rings are often related to missing children cases in China, as a large number of abducted children are sold to couples unable to have a son.
Online Database Launched to Help Missing Children Return Home

After police rescue children, they are brought to a welfare institution to be cared for in the absence of their parents.
Buyers of Abducted Children Punishable Under New Amendment

Women are seated during a police crackdown on prostitution in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Sept. 12, 2012.
Amnesty International Joins Push For Decriminalization Of Sex Trade

Rural schools are in dire need of well-educated teachers, particularly those who specialize in arts.
Children of Trafficking Victims Abandoned, Left Motherless

Handcuffed child traffickers are presented in court.
Netizens: Death Penalty for Stealing Children, Life Imprisonment for Buyers

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