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China seeks to curb the quality of online variety shows
China to Impose Stricter Rules in Online Variety, Drama Shows

Xu Lin, deputy director of China's Cyberspace Administration, poses for a photo during a conference in Shanghai.
Lu Wei to Give Up Post as China’s Internet Czar, Deputy as Likely Successor

China's Internet industry is developing at a rapid pace, even boosting the fortune of many companies due to the super-fast Internet connectivity in the country.
China's Progress Leads It Away from Global Connection and Internet Access

The Chinese government proposes to take 1 percent stake from big Web firms to gain direct influence over the Internet.
China Wants Stakes in Internet Firms

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Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting with senior officials and representatives of China's Internet industry.
Xi Jinping Wants to Boost China's Cyber Deterrence Powers

Internet live broadcast is an offshoot of online gaming, which is reported to have three times the size of China’s film market in revenue.
Internet Live Broadcasts: Cheap and Lucrative

The prosecution says more than 70 percent of files it got from three servers of Qvod were pornographic materials.
Watchdog Surprises China With Issue Of Comment About Porn Charges Vs. 4 Qvod Executives

For diplomat Wang Qun, it is high-time to establish an international code of conduct on cyberspace.
Chinese Diplomat Calls for International Code of Conduct on Cyberspace

With increasing online activity comes increasing online vulnerability from hackers.
Cybercriminals Prey on China’s Huge Online Population

According to media reports, 52 executives have left their positions in leading state-owned financial institutions.
China’s Draft Cybersecurity Law Stokes Fears of Increased Censorship, Irks Businesses

According to media reports, 52 executives have left their positions in leading state-owned financial institutions.
Fxiaoke Raises $100 Million from Most Recent Fundraiser

China's internet regulators have released a new set of rules effectively blocking access to any foreign based website.
Beijing's Internet Plus Action Plan Unveiled to Boost Growth in Economy

Qihoo 360 Technology sells WiFi routers that are said to be safe for pregnant women.
WiFi Router for Pregnant Chinese Women Sparks Exploitation Issues

Naive young netizens who are heavy Internet users and online shoppers are particularly vulnerable to cyber theft and hacking.
Biggest Internet Safety Campaign in China Launches in June

Websites are now heavily censored by the government.
Nation's Internet Watchdog Strengthens Web Censorship Guidelines

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