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NASA's proposal for a Mars magnetic shield.
NASA Proposes Deploying Man-made Magnetic Shield to Make Mars Habitable

Falcon 9 rocket with AMOS-6 satellite explodes on the launch pad on Sept. 1, 2016.
SpaceX Postpones First Mars Mission to 2020 from 2018

Concept drawings for the UAE's City on Mars 2117.
United Arab Emirates Announces Plan to Build First Earth City on Mars by 2117

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower
Top 7 must-see astronomical events of 2017 [Video]

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A portion of 10 STRONGEST Signs of Aliens and Alien Life.
NASA's Dawn space probe captured the unexpected in Ceres planet; Mars confirmed to be previously inhabited

Alien Face on Mars
Is Alleged Face on Mars Photo Sufficient Proof of Life on Red Planet?

Humans on Mars.
Prolonged Space Travel Leads to Weaker Spinal Muscles and the Danger of ‘Space Brain’

MRO image of Schiaparelli's grave.
Schiaparelli Lander has Exploded on Mars but ESA Hails it as a Success

SLS launch (illustration).
Boeing Still Believes it will Beat SpaceX to Mars -- Seriously?

Musk and Mars.
Musk Envisions City of One Million Earthlings on Mars; $100,000 tickets to the Red Planet

Someone allegedly left their shoe on Mars.
UFO Sightings 2016: Shoe discovery evidence that Mars was once habitable?

The China National Space Administration unveiled the final design of its Mars probe on Tuesday.
China Unveils Mars Probe Design

HI-SEAS volunteer in front of habitat.
‘Martian Astronauts’ to End Yearlong Mars Simulation in Hawaii

Sulfate veins prominent at Darwin outcrop veins, observed on sol 402 and (right) Garden City image, observed on sol 924. White sulfate veins cut through the surrounding sediments.
Evaporated Lakes on Mars Might Once have Harbored Primitive Life Forms

Wang Yang and Dmitry Rogozin
China, Russia Consider Exploring the Moon and Mars Together

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