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2013 Beijing International Film Festival - Closing Ceremony
Discovery of Ming Dynasty Landscape Gallery on Chengdu Stadium Causes Cancellation of Jay Chou’s Concert

The historic Taiyuan County was first built in 1375.
600-Year-Old Historic County Being Revived Begins to Take Shape

Over 10 meters of water was all it took to allow the ancient statue to resurface.
Ancient 600-Year-Old Buddha Statue Resurfaces in China

Chinese Olympian Ning Zetao is one of the country's
Modern Trends in Chinese Masculinity Similar to Ancient Times

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The Great Wall, one of the most iconic structures in the world, is more or less the symbol of China. Due to its history and beauty, it also attracts a great number of tourists each year.
Villagers Rebuild Sections of the Great Wall, One Man Provides Financing

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