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A hacker has tweaked Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition so the retro console plays titles from SNES, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy.
NES Classic Edition: Hackers tweak mini NES to emulate titles from SNES, Game Boy

Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Nintendo Classic Edition: Mini NES in stock at Target, Best Buy, and Amazon with caveats

Nintendo NES Deluxe Set
Nintendo Classic Mini NES success in Sales Might Mean Mini SNES and Mini N64

NES Classic Edition
NES Classic Edition: Nintendo pledges more mini-NES stock for holiday season

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Nintendo Classic Mini
NES Classic Edition: Nintendo introduces game-saving feature, display modes for mini console

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition
Nintendo’s mini-NES console to include 30 built-in classic NES games but no cartridge slot

David Moreno of San Diego, California plays on an orignial Nintendo Entertainment System at the launch party for the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum
Nintendo’s classic console in mini version will not support internet, external storage; Classic console to contain 30 classic games

Nintendo announced the new mini NES Classic
Mini NES Classic will be restricted to the included 30 games, no internet connectivity

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