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Earlier in March, Chinese lawmakers passed the first-ever Charity Law in the country.
Foreign-backed Charity Groups Qualification for Holding Public Fundraising May Get Revoked in Draft Law

Crematorium workers usually take training courses in a vocational school and undergo apprenticeship at the workplace.
Distrust and Weak Education Equal Lack of Crematorium Workers in China

Dr. Wang aims to recreate the success he has achieved at BNU in the new academy within the next five years.
China's First International Philanthropy Academy Receives Support from Charity Groups

A newlywed couple walk down the stairs after posing for pictures at the Bund in central Shanghai.
Marriage Problems Relating to Third Parties? Hire Affair Exterminators

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China's one-child policy has resulted in a fast-aging population.
China's Aging Population to Result in Labor Shortage

The government has ordered that all unofficial PLA groups and societies not registered under the Ministry of Civil Affairs must be dissolved.
China Imposes Ban on Unregistered Groups Within the Military

The PLA has undergone a reshuffling, establishing new branches.
New PLA Regulation Bans Troops from Joining Foreign NGOs

Human trafficking rings are often related to missing children cases in China, as a large number of abducted children are sold to couples unable to have a son.
Online Database Launched to Help Missing Children Return Home

Online charity platforms run by Tencent, Sina and Alipay collected 428 million yuan in 2014.
Increase in Charity Donations Attributed to Internet-based Organizations

After police rescue children, they are brought to a welfare institution to be cared for in the absence of their parents.
Trafficked, Abducted Children Can Now Be Adopted After Being Rescued

Better times: Athlete Liu Xiang and actress Ge Tian holding hands and posing together for the camera. They divorced on June 26, 2015.
A Tale of Two Hearts: When Divorce Happens

A child aims his toy gun at something as he plays in a poor neighborhood in Beijing.
Left Behind No More: Another Death of Abandoned Children in Guizhou Prompts Ministry to Reexamine Its Social Programs

China’s parliament is drafting a new foreign NGO law, addressing the long-time legal limbo situation of the sector.
China Drafts New Foreign NGO Law, Sees Need for Tighter Operation Provisions

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