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Researchers modified a hand-crank flashlight by installing a small supercapacitor (in the center) in a conventional button battery case. The light continued to glow long after the cranking stopped, th
MIT Researchers Develop a New Kind of ‘Supercapacitor’ Made without Carbon

Baghdad's Book Market Thrives Two Years After Devastating Bombing
MIT creates a camera with X-ray vision, reads a book without opening it

MIT and Georgia Tech researchers are designing an imaging system that can read closed books.
New US Imaging System that can Read Closed Books is a Big Security Problem for CAPTCHA

Netgear's Orbi can provide the best Wi-Fi connection for homes
MIT Researchers develop tech to alleviate Wi-Fi network congestions in public hotspots

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The bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores.
Sponge Boils Water Using Ordinary Sunlight

Yandel Celebrates The Puerto Rican Day Parade
MIT, Microsoft Research creates DuoSkin, a smart tattoo that turns skin into a touchpad

Pokemon Go: Tips to play the game in a car without causing accidents
MIT researchers develop better AR technique that can improve Pokémon GO

Patrons watch a 3D movie at an IMAX theater in Beijing in 2012.
MIT researchers working on 'Cinema 3D' technology for glasses-free 3-D movie theaters

A simulation of the Antarctic ozone hole, made from data taken on October 22, 2015.
Study: Ozone Layer Hole Already Shrinking

“Most people want to live in in a world where cars will minimize casualties,” says Iyad Rahwan, an associate professor in the MIT Media Lab and co-author of a new paper outlining the study. “But everybody wants their own car to protect them at all costs.”
Moral Dilemmas of Self-Driving Cars: Who to Save? Passenger or Pedestrian?

Researchers demonstrates new RFID technology with the game Tic-Tac-Toe.
RFID used in Disney research to make interactive games

A map showing projected water consumption levels by 2025. A new study revealed that China could potentially face a water shortage crisis by 2050 if such trends continue.
China Could Suffer Water Shortage by 2050, Study Reveals

Table sugar might power electronic devices like the iPhone in the future.
MIT Scientists reveals future iPhones might be powered by table sugar [STUDY]

In this artist's rendering of GJ 1132b, a rocky exoplanet very similar to Earth in size and mass, circles a red dwarf star.
'Most Important Planet Ever Discovered' Only 40 Light Years Away

The Data Science Machine can replace human intuition with automated algorithms.
MIT System Could Soon Replace Human Intuition

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