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An asteroid similar to this one was photographed by a Chinese observatory as it travels past the Earth.
China Telescope Takes Photos of Asteroid Approaching Earth

President Xi wants further development of the aeronautics industry to further modernize the PLA.
New Aeronautic Company Seen to Boost Aircraft Manufacturing Sector in China

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden says it is unlikely that the space agency will be able to go on a joint space exploration with China under his tenure.
China-US Joint Space Exploration Will Remain 'Sci-fi' in the Near Future: Experts

Chinese scientists working on gravitational waves.
China Wants More Foreign Researchers for Gravitational Wave Projects

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NASA's special exhibit will be held in Taiwan in May 2016.
Coming in 2016: NASA Space Exhibition Goes to Taiwan

NASA Taps Osterhout Design Group To Develop Augmented Reality Glasses For Astronauts

NASA Shows The Other Side Of The Moon: WATCH HERE

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