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Two bottles of Prozac are seen on a pharmacy shelf on Jan. 4, 2005 in New York City.
China Health News: Battling Clinical Depression in China

The effects of China's two-child policy will be felt in 20 years.
Effect of China’s Two-child Policy Good for the Economy in 20 Years, Says Expert

Many doubt China’s commitment to phasing out forced organ harvesting in the country.
China Releases Stricter Rules on Organ Transplants

Many young couples are seeking larger homes as the one-child policy is lifted.
Two-child Policy Spurs Demand for Bigger Homes

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There has been a rise of maternal deaths in China in line with the implementation of the two-child policy.
Maternal Deaths Increase in China Since the Start of the Two-child Policy

Running of the Brides on Valentines Day in China.
More Young Chinese are Having Sex; 70% Agree that Premarital Sex is OK

The number of newborn Chinese was tallied at 16.55 million in 2015.
2 Million Chinese Couples Want to Have Second Baby, Health Bureau Reveals

Rural wedding ceremony in Shaanxi Province.
Lightning Marriages Becoming Popular with Chinese Couples

China sees an increase in the number of cases of hospital violence, where angry patients abuse medical staff.
China Kicks Off Campaign Against Violence Targeting Hospital Staff

China bans the clinical use of immunotherapy for cancer treatment.
Clinical Use of Disputed Immunotherapy for Cancer Is Banned: China’s Top Health Authority

The additional vaccines WHO is asking China to add in its program are all beneficial to children, according to Lance Rodewald, team leader of WHO China’s Expanded Program on Immunization.
WHO Calls on Chinese Government to Expand Vaccine List

To make matters worse, the vaccine scandal has created an atmosphere of distrust toward China’s medical system.
State Council Creates Team to Investigate Vaccine Scandal

Since Jan. 2015, the use of organs from executed prisoners for transplant surgery was banned by the government, making voluntary donors the only source of much-needed transplant organs.
Organ Donations in China Reach Record High

The Chinese government plans to train more pediatricians to add 140,000 more professionals in pediatric departments by 2020.
China Set to Train More Pediatricians to Address Shortage

Adoption agencies look out for the best interest of the child as its one and only priority when selecting adopters.
China Faces Lack of Pediatric Capacity, Initiates Multiple Measures

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