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Brosis, a group led by teenager Xiao Xiyu, quizzed more than 1.500 parents with two children about the happiness of their older children.
Chinese Couples Urged to Wait for Second-child Policy Changes or Face Penalties

“Caring for girls is caring for the future of a nation,” says Shen Yueyue, vice chairperson of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress.
China Celebrates International Day for Girls

The number of cancer patients in China is increasing at an alarming rate.
To Curb Rising Cancer Rate, Nationwide Prevention Plan to Be Implemented

Getting tested for HIV is one of the ways to prevent the spread of the virus to others.
Intimate Acts Between Men Cause Rise in HIV/AIDS Cases in Chinese Universities

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China's one-child policy has resulted in a fast-aging population.
U.N. Report: China’s Population to Drop to 1 Billion by 2100

China's vaccination-based strategy has proven to be highly effective in the country's fight against hepatitis B.
Hepatitis B Cases in the Country Steadily Decreasing Thanks to Vaccination-based Strategy

According to the NHFPC on July 10, 16.9 million and 470,000 births were recorded in 2014 and 2013, respectively, which signified the effectiveness of the current policy.
No Fixed Schedule for Full Implementation of Second-Child Policy

The current policy in place permits a family to have a second child on the condition that both parents came from single-child families.
China Mulls Possibility of Boosting Births

Chinese individuals who lack ID card and household registration were forbidden to have children under the previous one-child policy.
1.45 Million Chinese Couples Applied for Second Child, NHFPC Reports

The H5N6 avian flu strain was once believed to be isolated to wild ducks and waterfowls.
Woman from Yunnan Province Dies Due to H5N6 Avian Flu

China's top health authority has urged its local counterparts to intensify their care for the country's vulnerable groups.
Prior to World Population Day, China Calls for Heightened Care for Vulnerable Groups

Obesity is a growing condition among Chinese children.
Chinese Gov't Promotes Healthy Food Choices to Curb Obesity and Chronic Health Risk Among Citizens

A new survey by Chinese health authorities has revealed that young generations of Chinese are now taller and stronger.
Survey Reveals Chinese People Now Taller, Stronger

A lone child eats inside a classroom.
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Extreme Poverty Grips Nearly 4 Million Chinese Kids 6 Years Old and Below

Small nuclear families of two to three members are the most common type in China.
Families Sizes Are Shrinking According to National Health and Family Planning Commission

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