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China is facing a real estate crisis because of slow urbanization.
China’s Real Estate Market Plunges to Low Levels in 2016; Urbanization Becomes Stagnant

China intensifies food safety campaign with new law enforced in October last year.
Half of Food Safety Testers in China Not Certified: Top Legislature

The Wildlife Conservation Act amendment will no longer decriminalize eating and selling of endangered animals.
Draft Wildlife Protection Law Amendment Won't Scrap Ban on Eating, Selling Endangered Animals

A policeman guards the entrance of a nuclear power plant in Qinshan of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, on June 10, 2005.
China Introduces Nuclear Security Law

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Authorities have launched a crackdown against dissidents after a letter calling for President Xi Jinping's resignation surfaced online.
President Xi Calls for Intensified Environmental Protection

According to Yi, provisions on habitat protection in the revised draft mainly concern habitats located in nature reserves. Yi pointed out, however, that many habitats exist beyond reserve boundaries.
Mandatory Provisions Needed to Address Habitat Protection in China

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