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Ralph Haupter, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and CEO of Greater China Region, speaks before an audience in Changchun, the capital city of northeast China's Jilin Province.
Microsoft Top Executive Confident of China’s Growth Potential

Unsold cars are likely to be seen more and more within inventories and dealer lots.
Global Automakers Cut Prices in China as Market Slows Down

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is confident that the fundamentals of economy are on course to regain their strength.
Li: Economic Growth Can Solve Social Issues

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks during a session of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 5.
Li: China Has Enough Tools to Boost Economy

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China's central bank continues to cut interest rates and reserve ratio.
China’s New Normal Receives Closer Attention from Beijing and PBOC

China welcomes the pouring in of foreign direct investments despite slowdown in growth.
Amid China’s Growth Slowdown, Foreign Direct Investments Still Pour In

A worker walks down a beam at a construction site in Beijing.
China Eyes Quality Growth, Anti-Graft Drive in 2015

Jiaotong University campus at Zhangjiang High Technology Park.
Shanghai’s Mayor Announces 2015 Plan After $13.6-Billion Investment

On Sept. 3, the streets, buildings and houses in Beijing will be decorated with the Chinese national flag.
Premier Li Shows Confidence in Davos for World Economic Forum Meeting

Beijing's Central Business District in Sept. 2014.
Beijing GDP Data Announced During China’s 'New Normal' Economy

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang claims that the Chinese economy is important to the world.
Chinese Premier: China's World Contribution Is Significant

Nanjing Road flanked by buildings and establishments that signify China's performing economy.
China Denies Being World's No.1 Economy

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