Monday, 19th, 2019 | 11:35PM Updated

With the new family planning policy, Chinese officials step up their efforts to teach couples the proper way to raise a child.
Chinese Gov't Expected to Keep New Family Planning Policy for 20 to 30 Years

Brosis, a group led by teenager Xiao Xiyu, quizzed more than 1.500 parents with two children about the happiness of their older children.
Parents Protest Fees for Second Child Born Before Jan. 1

Chinese individuals who lack ID card and household registration were forbidden to have children under the previous one-child policy.
1.45 Million Chinese Couples Applied for Second Child, NHFPC Reports

China's top health authority has urged its local counterparts to intensify their care for the country's vulnerable groups.
Prior to World Population Day, China Calls for Heightened Care for Vulnerable Groups

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