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A Chinese citizen must present a hukou to avail of social services.
Ministry of Public Security Considers Granting Hukou to Unregistered Citizens

Chinese e-commerce firm is targeting middle-class parents.
E-commerce Firm Carves Out Niche Spot in Baby Products Following Child Policy Reform

Female employees are asking for longer maternity leave should they give birth to a second child.
Survey Says 89 Percent Seek Longer Maternity Leave as China Ends One-child Policy

Chinese individuals who lack ID card and household registration were forbidden to have children under the previous one-child policy.
Chinese Lacking Identification Cards, Household Registration Reach 13 Million

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Surrogacy may involve donating sperm, eggs, or carrying and giving birth to a baby for someone else.
With Two-child Policy, China’s Surrogacy Sector Expects Surge in Customers

Two grandmothers push the pram of their only grandchild.
Proposed Two-child Policy Causes Internet Search Surge for Pregnancy Products

Chinese individuals who lack ID card and household registration were forbidden to have children under the previous one-child policy.
China Can Handle Surge of Newborns: Senior Health Official

Walt Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger attends the unveilling ceremony of the Shanghai Disney Resort at Shanghai Expo Center on July 15, 2015.
Disney CEO 'Thanks' China for Ending One-child Policy

A Chinese care worker holds children on her lap as she cares for them at a foster care center in Beijing, April 2, 2014.
China Lifts One-child Policy, Couples Now Allowed Two Children

With the new family planning policy, Chinese officials step up their efforts to teach couples the proper way to raise a child.
$3,700 Annual Cost Of Raising Another Child Reason Why Many Chinese Couples Won’t Have 2nd Kid

Although a specific date has yet to be set for the full relaxation of the rule, observers note that changes are likely to come soon.
End of One-child Policy May Reinvigorate Socioeconomic Development

China's one-child policy has resulted in a fast-aging population.
China's Aging Population to Result in Labor Shortage

Undocumented citizens in China are excluded from acquiring social services.
Family Faces 700,000-yuan Penalty for Having Seven Children

According to data, the total Chinese population reached 1.37 billion by the end of 2014. Projections estimate that it will decline to 1.3 billion in 2050.
China's Population to Peak in 2025

There is a cultural preference for male children, so some women have been checking for the gender of their baby to see if they should abort.
Crisis: Rise in China's Bachelors After 2020

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